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I’m excited about a new book called “Spark – Raise Your Mind to the Power of Infinity & Create Anything” by my associate Arupa Tesolin (Author of the successful business intuition book Ting!).
Here’s why….Every idea, innovation and act of imagination begins with a Spark! 
This spark marks the energetic beginning of the creative process and opens up a space where grand things unfold and the universe becomes a play of invention and possibility. In her book, Arupa demystifies the hidden connections that underlie the secret feminine side of the science of creating. This is the know-how that illuminates the pathway from the unimaginable to the imaginable, to the conceivable and then the created.  In Spark she describes in detail how your vision seeds grow in the silent womb of the creative universe and how you can play an optimal role as an agent-partner in the process of creating anything. You’ll learn powerful strategies that spark the process of creating no matter what you think or feel or what your current situation is, how to break through the barriers that hold you back from being free to create, and how to magnify and magnetize the things you want so they come rushing towards you like bees to a flower.  Even teams and groups can use this book to develop vision and use their creative power to innovate. 
Buy Spark TODAY at  http://www.intuita.com/spark.htm or Amazon or other major retailers for Special Launch Gifts (valued at $900+) including an Author Tele-Seminar at http://www.intuita.com  Promotion runs through May.

NOTE:  Arupa Tesolin is part of the Learning Paths team.  In fact, she is Learning Paths Canada


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