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Have you ever wondered why behaviorism works a lot better with animals that it does with people?  That’s because people have an ability to figure out the game and work it to their advantage.  While the chicken will keep ringing the bell to get the seed, a human is trying to figure out a way to beat the system and get all the feed. 

If you’ve ever worked on compensation systems, this is way you always have to redo them.  People figure out how to get the maximum payout from the system which may not include the behaviors management wanted.  Have you ever seen salespeople arrange when they close sails to make sure the get in the quarter that gives them the biggest bonus. 

On another note.  Sometimes there are easier ways with animals than reward and punishment.  Who’s a better dog training, Pavlov or Caesar Milan.  Pavlov rewards the dog to teach it to sit.  Caesar just tells the dog to sit by letting the dog now that he’s the pack leader.

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Did have much time for a post this morning so I thought everyone would like to spend some time with the trunk monkey!

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