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44.     Build a Show Me How Library

This is actually a really easy one.  List out the major tasks you want others to learn.  Now take your digital camcorder and make short movies of an expert doing each task.  To make production easy have another expert describe what the other person is doing.  Take all these small digital videos and either put them up on a menu driven DVD or post them online with a help menu.  In only hours, you have a really valuable show me how library.  Since their digital, they’re easily replaced as things change.  This method is great for both visual and digital learners.Use Case Studies

Analysis is a higher level learning skill.  It shows a much higher level of competence than being able to repeat facts or even describe what was read.  Case studies require students to analyze what happened and why.  Case studies can also incorporate a range of knowledge and experience which again breaks down the topic silos. 

45.     Leave a Trail for Others

You can help others learn what you’re about to learn by keeping a learning diary which includes your insights including both right and wrong turns.  These are valuable for future students but also for teachers who need to build training for others. 

46.     Build a Blog

Blogs are easy to maintain and update ways to share information and get a discussion going.  Because blogs don’t have a formal structure, they are extremely flexible.  You can use them to post articles, videos and other research.  Learning from each other is faster than learning on your own.

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