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Alexander Mcall Smith is a brilliant and proflific writer who has several great series that all are all better heard than read.  This series as about Scotland Street.  It’s about the residents of an apartment building in Edinburgh.  It first appeared as a serial in the Scotsman Newspaper.  Here are two books in the series.

scotland-1.jpg   scotland-2.jpg

The narrator sounds a lot like Sean Connery.  His reading adds a lot to the tone and structure of the book and you understand all the local language and terms much better.  He give character to the characters.  Again it’s worth five pizzas.


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This is a start of a small series of posts about books that are better heard as audio books than read.  Let’s start out with a quick example. 

ireland.jpg  Irelandby Frank Delaney is about an Irish storyteller who wanders the countryside telling the tales and oral history of Ireland.  At each stop, he tells a fascinating and winding tale.  The story is read by the author who has a rich acting background and the perfect voice for the story teller.  It’s really like hearing those stories first  hand the way they were told.  Sitting there listening gives you something that you couldn’t get by reading.  This is especially true if you weren’t familiar with the dialects and the pronunciation which hurts the flow of the story.  This book is definitely 5 pizzas. rating.jpg

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