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I know this blog is about learning so here’s the point.  This isn’t a post about global warming or polution but how believes about things get in the way of learning something new.  I just read an article that shows the research behind the claim that a Hummer is better for the environment that a Prius.  Most of the environmental damage of a Prius happens during the manufacturing especially in the manufacture of the battery.  Here’s the article; http://www.katu.com/news/7561002.html

So if we didn’t have three feet of snow on the ground and it wasn’t freezing I’d say a bicycle is still a good bet.

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When I saw this video, my first reaction is that it was a wonderful example of how an instructor can set the stage for learnng by dealing with people’s believe systems and preconceived notions in a very positive.  The instructor also really knows how to use statistics and graphics. 

 The message of the lecture isn’t as interesting as the teaching style.  Try looking at it from that standpoint.

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