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I find it interesting that many well know magicians are renown skeptics, Penn and Teller perhaps the most famous.  I think that once you know how the trick is done, you can see it when it happens in other forms.  Siegfried and Roy really don’t make the tigers disappear, it just looks like it.  Since they are on stage, we really don’t concern ourselves with whether it’s real or not.  unfortunately, there are a host of things that are passed off as real that are easily faked. 

I find it fascinating when a TV show uses a game or three card monty or find the Queen.  The hero can always find the Queen while others can’t.  Yet it’s a simple card trick.  There are about a dozen moves or passes that allow the dealer to control where the Queen is or whether it’s there or not.  Yet people stand around and bet on a magic trick. 

When things are done for entertainment, all well and good.  However, it can be harmful and even deadly when done to deceive for other purposes.  It’s easy to fake a medical cure because a placebo will work in 30 to 50% of cases.  (Basically, a lot of things get better on their own.)  So if you create a device and claim it cures something, at least 30% of the time it will.  That’s a lot of positive testimonials for that product.  Think of a claim that a natural herb promotes weight loss.  Well it will in 30 to 50% of cases.  Equally as well as a sugar pill.  So people waste their money on basically a magic trick. 

I found this interesting quick clip about Astrology.  For entertainment purposes only.

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