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Lead Your Learning Organization to Improve Results, Cut Costs and Prepare for the Road Ahead

Time: 12 Central
Date: June 8th

In today’s challenging economy, companies and training departments are face with three major challenges: trying to do more with less, preparing for change and planning for recovery. Simply cutting budgets isn’t the answer. Learning leaders have a key role in helping their organizations learn to survive, perform and prosper.

This webinar explores Learning Paths, a proven methodology, that enables learning leaders to take an active and more strategic role in ramping up capabilities, addressing competitive challenges and preparing the future workforce. The session focuses on how to:

  • Define what proficiency means and how it drives performance and growth
  • Determine proficiency gaps and dramatically reduce time-to-proficiency
  • Build a Learning Path that optimizes formal and informal learning
  • Capture and report measurable business results from training that have traction at the executive table
  • Apply a consistent approach across the organization that improves quality and reduces cost
  • Business cases showing how different companies have reduced time-to-proficiency by 30-50%

This strategy will help you position the value of learning and take a lead role as you help create a strong foundation to shape and support organizational growth in the coming times.

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