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I don’t know if this is true in every state but Minnesota as a program to provide matching funds for companies that want to provide training for their employees.  The program is a called Minnesota Job Skills Partnership.  It’s part of the Minnesota Department of Economic Opportunity.

The program focuses on different types of grants by the major ones are for training the stimulates employment (new hire training) and retraining potentially displaced workers.  The way the grant works is that a company works with a Minnesota college to submit a grant proposal.  The college administers the grant and provides services which can include subcontracting to consultants and other training providers.  The company must then match the grant either in cash or inkind services.  This includes paying the wages of employees who go through training.

I’ve worked on serveral of these grants with Century College and Dakota Technical College.  Both are great schools with a lot of good programs.  I’d be interested in know about similar programs elsewhere.

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After 50 years of watching football, basketball and baseball, I’m a little bored with it all.  So in my constant search for something new, this is a sport I find facinating.  I don’t know if it would make a good college or high school sport…might be a little too macho. 

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As I promised here is the list of famous college drop outs. 

Ben Aflec  Carl Bernstein  Eleanor Clift  Jackie CooganJames Fenimore Cooper  Claire Danes  Michael DellHarrison Ford  Bill Gates   David Geffen  William Randolph HearstJohn Hughes  Don Imus  Reggie Jackson  Harry Truman  Steve JobsRush Limbaugh  Walter Cronkite  Abraham Lincoln  John MackeyRay Romano  Theodore RooseveltKarl Rove    Michael RubinWilliam Safire  Frank Sinatra  Will Smith  Daniel Snyder  Leo TolstoyTed Turner  William McKinley  Jesse “The Body” Ventura, DeWitt WallaceGeorge Washington  John Wayne  Kanye WestBruce Willis  Anna Wintour  Steve Wozniak  F. Scott FitzgeraldRosie O’Donnel  Ellen Degeneres  H Wayne Huizenga  Emile ZolaMark Zuckerberg  Barry Goldwater  Dustin Hoffman  Jerry Yang  Tom Hanks   Warren Beatty  Richard Gere  Burt Reynolds   John Jacob Astor  Irving Berlin  Chuck Berry  Milton BradleyCharles Bronson  Michael Keaton Brad Pitt  Yoko OnoNina Totenberg  James Cameron  Sharon Stone  Bill MurrayDan Akroyd  Frank Lloyd Wright  Tom Monaghan  John Glenn  Charles Lindbergh  J. Paul Getty  Robert Frost

And now for an added bonus, here are the billionaire dropouts. 

Paul Allen   Ray Kroc   Henry Ford   Andrew Carnegie   Kirk Kerkovian   Richard Branson   Bill Gates   Larry Ellison   Steve Jobs   Barry Diller           J. Paul Getty   Michael Dell   Carl Ichan   David H. Murdock    Stephen Spielberg    Theodore Waitt     George Westinghouse   Jerry Yang 

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