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I heard a speech by Dr. Mitch Kuzy last year.  He made a very interesting point about change.  He said that when you decide to make a change you go through a decision making process often takes a long time.  If that change requires other people to accept the change, you are faced with one major problem.  They haven’t gone through the process of deciding to change yet.  They may be weeks, months or even years behind your thinking process.

It’s really this statement, “I see the problem, we have to change know, and here’s the way we need to do it.”  The response, “what are you talking about, I haven’t even thought about this yet and you want me to change.”  Sound familiar.

One really big example of this point is when you hear political leaders talk about climate change with the statement, “the discussion is over, now is the time to act.”  The natural response is, “what discussion, did I miss it. ”  If you want to get others to go along, you really need to step back and open the discussion and let others participate.  This is even if you know the eventual outcome.  It’s part of helping others change.  I know it’s frustrating but without it nothing really changes.

I think this goes along with something I read in win/win negotiating.  If people don’t think they got a fair deal, they will find a way to renegotiate one way or another.  So if you push a change or idea on others, they will find a way around it.  It’s one way you get unintended consequences. 

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