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Steve Wynn is one of the most successful builders of resorts and casinos in history.  This is his perspective on today’s economy and view of the next year.

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Is your workforce able to do more with less? Are you positioned to grab market share while your competition struggles? Are you ready to ramp up quickly when the economy picks up? Leveraging Learning in a Down Economy is a dynamic one-day workshop that will give you proven strategies and tactics to address each of these challenges. This workshop presents Learning Paths Methodology as the best way to leverage learning in your organization. You will learn how to:

  • Turn employee development into a competitive advantage
  • Get higher productivity and quality from current employees
  • Implement process changes and operational improvements faster and more effectively
  • Quickly get employees fully productive when roles expand or change
  • Capture and transfer best practices before they are lost or leave
  • Drive out time, waste, variability and cost from training
  • Identify and close proficiency gaps in record time
  • Use your onboarding process as a key recruiting and retention tool
  • Dramatically cut the time it takes your salespeople to become fully productive in their roles

Proven through extensive use at GE and other leading companies, the Learning Path Methodology has been successful applied to more than 400 function and 30,000 employees in seven countries to drive down time to proficiency by more than 30%. The heart of the Learning Path methodology is to create a detailed proficiency definition for all critical jobs. In this webinar we will be discussing how to use a proficiency definition to:

  • Determine who is 100% proficient
  • Define proficiency gaps that need to be closed
  • Identify parts of the job that don’t need to be done
  • Assign parts of jobs to others
  • Focus on results rather than long term development


  • Senior Management
  • HR Executives
  • Sales Executives
  • CFOs and CLOs
  • Operations Managers

To Register go to: www. learningpathsinternational.com

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The reason for this post is to see if we can get a little discussion going about the best approaches for a economic slowdown.  For our discussion, let’s just assume the economy is slowing.  Whether it is or isn’t, is irrelevant for this discussion.  We can also stipulate that both government and business have a range of reactions that will vary from time to time. 

My experience is that there is not only a different reaction but also a different belief system.  Businesses first reaction is usually to tighten the belt and look for ways to be more productive.  Businesses also tend to streamline and focus more on their core business.  Some businesses will see this as an opportunity to grab marketshare or expand into new markets.

This  year we’ve seen the U.S. governments reaction is to borrow money and give it to tax payers so they will spend and stimulate the economy.  I haven’t yet seen a list of programs or agencies that they can cut back or cut all together. 

I think both government and business will try a lot of accounting tricks to move money around and make things look better. 

So this is just a very broad brush on the difference.  I hope what I’ve done is set the stage for a discussion.  As they say, there are no rules in a knife fight (Butch Cassidy).  I will however, edit anything out where one person calls another an idiot. 


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