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How soon would you be confident assigning a new employee to work with your most valued customer? When do you know a new employee is likely to stay and be a productive member of your team? When do you know a new employee can be trusted to work without constant supervision? New employees are still a gamble. Even with the best hiring process, there’s no guarantee of success. There are plenty of downsides to employees who are slow to fit in or who never really fit in.  Therefore, the goal of any successful onboarding process or program should be to get new employees up-to-speed and working with their team as fast as possible.

This webinar shows you how to apply the proven methods and techniques of the Learning Path process to speed up the onboarding process.  This webinar focuses on the following three keys to success:

  1. Helping Employees Fit in their New Work Team
  2. Ensuring that New Employees Are Fully Capable of Doing the Job at a High Level
  3. Boosting the Morale and Confidence of New Employees While They Are Learning

Date:  October 27th

Time: 12:00 to 12:45 Central

To Register Click Here

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Each year billions of dollars are wasted on employee recognition programs that do not work. In Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works  author Cindy Ventrice explains why and describes what employers and employees each expect from recognition, why most recognition efforts miss the mark, and what readers can do to give morale and productivity a genuine, lasting boost.

Make Their Day!  shows that effective recognition has more to do with integrating recognition into the daily routine of the workplace, and less to do with celebrating recognition as a separate “special event.” She outlines the key elements of effective recognition–praise, opportunity, respect, and thanks–and explains why good working relationships are at the core of all effective recognition. To read an excerpt…

This best-selling book provides a proven manager-driven approach to recognition. It is full of practical examples from successful companies around the country including: FedEx Freight, Microsoft, Immunex, Wells Fargo, Griffin Health, Xilinx, The Container Store, Graniterock, Athleta, Design Octaves, and Plante & Moran. See the list of featured companies.

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