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.Gene Simmons Interview 

Gene Simmons Interview,
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Maybe I need to stop watching celebrity apprentice but it brought to mind an age old agrument about the value of talent versus the value of team. (While there is no “I” in team, there is “Me” and “Meat.”

Okay, so here’s the point. In the last episode, the two teams had to make a commercial. One team did the typical team brainstorming and trying to work as a team. The other team was taken over by Gene Simmons and Steven Baldwin who convinced the others that they had 20 years experience in the field and that the others should go back to the room and relax. Guess what? Talent won over team.

Companies often use golf and a scamble format to show how four people working together can accomplish great things. But how would any scamble team ever put together do against Tiger Woods if you let him have the same number of tries? (Your team of 4 versus Tiger with 4 balls.)

In basketball where they try to match up talent in various positions, how would a typical team do against 5 Michael Jordans in his prime?

While there is synergy in teamwork, I think we sometimes miss the boat when we don’t see the power in the individual.

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Last week I saw the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice.  What seems like a fairly bland approach to reality TV, I think there are a couple of risks for Donald Trump.  Let’s see if they play out.First, there are a couple of celebrities on the show that have huge fan followings.  Gene Simmons is definitely one.  If they are treated poorly, do those fans turn on Trump?  It does seem they made an effort not to load it up with bigger stars than Trump or maybe they just didn’t want to the show.  I think it might have been interesting to have one team of all Baldwins rather than just one.

The second risk is how his kids are going to look.  In past shows, they were somewhat contemporaries to the contestants.  These contestants are much more successful and confident.  Let’s see if they’re protected in anyone.  Well those are my thoughts.  Not a big earth shatterning event.

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