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eduscene1.jpg   Singapore is really become a model of change and innovation in education.  I’ve run across a great website that provides a lot of good information and links about public and private education in Singapore.  It’s worth a look.  www.eduscene.com

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I’ve had the opportunity and challenge of working with companies in about 6 countries.  In some cases, I’m able to do consulting without ever leaving the house.  I did work with people in India for 2 years and it was all emails and phone calls.

 I’ve found that it’s a must to have a service like SKYPE that allows you to have unlimited free phone calls.  I’ve hooked up a good head set to my computer and I forward my calls to my cell phone when I’m out.  I also will use a webcam.  It’s probably more fun than practical.  I’ve also been playing around with different live meeting type providers.  That last couple of sessions were on Yugma which is free for under 10 people.

 So if you imagine doing business with a company in Sinagore, you can run interactive meetings and patch in your associates in the UK and Canada for free.  It’s all worked very smoothly so I can’t tell you have to deal with any bugs.

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