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I think you need to start by thinking about Linkedin as a longer term networking tool. You’re not going to generate dozens of consulting opportunities in the first week. However, over time you can meet hundreds or even thousands of people who share like interests.

You also have the advantage of being able to confine your activity to those who have the profile of those you want to talk to. Here are some quick ideas.

1. There are more than 3000 groups. Try to find those with the most members, the most flexible rules and the most active. Since you only have 50 at a time, you’ll need to join and unjoin until you get the right 50.

2. Become visible. Start good discussions and comment on others. If you find a good discussion topic, consider repeating it in other groups.

3. Offer something free that the group will value. A webinar, whitepaper, etc.

4. Start your own group and then ask everyone you come in contact with to join. Make sure you are putting up good content in your group. You can join my group by searching on Learning Paths.

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