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Vince McMahon Vince McMahon,
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How many times do you see politicians with low approval ratings? They don’t seem to have a clue on how to turn things around. Here is the guy I think they all could learn from Vince McMahon. He can turn a bad guy to a good guy and back again in less than 5 minutes.

It’s a simple formula to go from bad guy to good guy you need to come to the aid of someone everyone likes. To go from a good guy to a bad guy you have to turn your back on your friends. However, to make all this happen in front of millions of people takes a master.

So if you’re candidate is in the dumps with high disapproval numbers, forget the political pundits and call Vince McMahon.

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I think it’s great to live in a world where you can see just about any newspaper, anywhere in the world 24-7.  You do get a very different view about what’s important to people.  Here’s one of my favorites the Scotsman, which is describes itself as Scotland’s National Newspaper.  You can signup for daily news alerts. 

 How about a little different look at the middle east, try the Jerusalem Post.   Maybe something from the other side of the world.  Try the Sydney Morning Herald.  Not satisfied yet.  How about the North Korean News.  How about breakfast with the Mmegi Reporter from Botswana. 

Well, why not pick your own.  Here’s a list of English speaking newspapers.

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I was just reading this polling results from Gallup on how happy Americans are.  Apparently we’re a very happy lot.  It said 8 in 10 are satisified with their life and a clear majority were very satisfied.  The trend line actually has been going up over the last several year. 

The survey has some interesting breakdowns by various groups.  But just about every group is happy.  In the survey they talk about both satisfaction and happiness.  So when you turn on the news or read a rant on a blog, keep in mind that those reports are the exception.  I guess maybe the world isn’t going to hell in a handbasket.

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11dnmr0evgl__pisitb-dp-arrowtopright21-23_sh30_ou01_aa115_.jpg    Talk about a long lasting learning theory.  I have this in a used textbook I bought in 1972.  It still have a lot of value especially when your dealing with knowledge acquisition.  IBloom’s Taxonomy of Learning – In 1956 Bloom and his colleagues began development of a taxonomy in the cognitive, attitudinal (affective) and psychomotor domains. Many people are familiar with Bloom’s Cognitive taxonomy:

  • knowledge
  • comprehension
  • application
  • analysis
  • synthesis
  • evaluation

If you’re doing skill acquisition or more integrated tasks, I think it’s just a easy to think of sequencing whole takes from simple to complex, easy to hard.  You pick up the knowledge and comprehension as you go

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I had an interesting conversation with a the head of a techincal college about a major problem of technical education.  He gave this example.  We can train someone to fix an HVAC system.  However, these students are totally unprepared to go into someone’s home and deal with the homeowner.  They do the typical thing of separating technical and soft skills.

This is the same problem of getting doctors with poor bed side manners or engineers who feel uncomfortable dealing with customers.

 The answer is to integrate technical and softskills and focus on the situations and tasks.  In other words, when you teach someone how to fix brakes on a car, at the same time you teach them how to tell grandma that it’s going to cost $700.  In other words, you’re teach the job as a whole and not pieces and parts.  You don’t have to put things back together if you don’t separate them. 

In general think about training complete tasks from simple to hard, easy to complex.  It really does work better and it dramatically cuts time to proficiency.

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