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Greatest Records in Sports

This is always a fun discussion at sports bars.  There are a few feats in sports that are so out of the ordinary that it’s unlikely lightning will strike twice.  We just watch on TV the other day Secretariat winning the triple crown at Belmont by 31 lengths.  I don’t think will see anything like that again.

But may favorite unbreakable record is Byron Nelson’s 1945 season.  Noone has come close to all the records broken in the season.  Not Ben Hogan, Not Arnold Palmer, Not Jack Nicklaus, Not Gregg Norman and Not Tiger Woods. 

Here’s the season to remember.  In 1945, Bryon Nelson played in 30 official tournaments.  He was the winner in 18.  Second best was 13 by Ben Hogan.  Tiger Wood’s best season was 9.  But that’s not the most impressive part of that season.  The streak of 11 in a row seems nearly impossible.  Check out the margin of victory during the streak:

  1. Miami International Four-Ball (team tournament)
  2. Charlotte Open, won by 4 strokes
  3. Greater Greensboro Open, won by 8 strokes
  4. Durham Open, won by 5 strokes
  5. Atlanta Open, won by 9 strokes
  6. Montreal Open, won by 10 strokes
  7. Philadelphia Inquirer, won by 2 strokes
  8. Chicago Victory National Open, won by 7 strokes
  9. PGA Championship (match play)
  10. Tam O’Shanter Open, won by 11 strokes
  11. Canadian Open, won by 4 strokes

Some people question that seaon because he won only one major.  However, in 1945 that was the only major played.  Some people question the competition, but Sam Sneed played in 27 tournaments that year and Hogan played in 17.  How likely is it that any golfer could win 11 times in a row in a three man tournament with Sneed and Hogan.  Except for Tiger Woods, no one on tour today has the record of Sneed and Hogan.  The closest in tour wins is Phil Mickelson with 38.  Hogan won 62 and Sneed 82.  Vijay Singh as won 34 but other than that noone has won more than 19. 

Byron Nelson has some other impressive records that still hang around.  He has 19 consequetive rounds under 70.  That’s almost five complete tournments.  He also finished in the top 20 in 113 times in a row. 

Bryon Nelson retired at the age of 34.  That’s the prime time for many of today’s golfers.  Vijay the most successful 40 something won 22 of his tournaments in his 40s.  Tiger Woods just turned 35.

Want to see the founder of the modern golf swing in action.

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