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bananaSo what do Call Centers and Dairy Queen have in common?

I remember when I was much younger you’d make frequent trips to Dairy Queen in the summer.  What you’d find is that they’d hired lots of high school kids.  They’d all be able to make a basic cone but that’s about it.  However, there was always one kid who knew how to make everything.  So if you ordered the super banana split, you’d have to wait for the one expert.

In any call center there is always someone who knows how to do everything.  It’s not necessarily a supervisor.  So if you don’t like the answers you’re getting, my advice is to hang up and redial until you find that individual.  If you ask for a supervisor and you don’t get a good answer, redial and see if you can get a different supervisor.  I recently did this with Sprint.  After about 5 frustrating calls, I got an agent who knew the issue and how to handle it.  Plus the agent saw from my bill where I was wasting money and made some changes.  So if you’re frustrated by a call center call, think Dairy Queen.

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 I’ve seen this technique growing over the years.  The surefire way to reduce customer complaints is to make it impossible to complain.  I first experienced this on an international flight.  When everyone got off the plane, there was no one there. 

Just the other day I called a company about a small problem and they put me in the cue.  The recorded message said, all I’d have to do is wait 30 to 60 minutes for the next agent.

There are others where the only place you can get information is on their website, but if it’s not there it just keeps recycling you back to the home page.

What’s nice about this approach is you can show upper management a proven reduction in customer complaints.  “We must be doing something right.  Nobody’s complaining.”

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