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The first question is how does social media change or effect the way salespeople can and should prospect?  On everyone’s prospecting plan there should be a strategy for networking and in many cases, social media can be faster, more wide ranging and effective than traditional approaches such as association meetings or even trade shows.  The advantages are:

  1. You can network everyday 24/7.
  2. You can reach a larger pool of prospects especially internationally
  3. You can link activities together such as a blog, twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc. so one action is multiplied

The big disadvantage is that you can’t reach those who are not social media literate or willing.  I’m sure today this is a large pool of people but it’s shrinking.

In adding it to sales training, I think there are a few things to consider:

  1. Social media etiquette
  2. How to write discussion question and other posts
  3. How to build your credibility using social media
  4. How to build your presence in various social media

This are just a few of my thoughts.  Please add yours.

As an extra, here are a couple of articles on  using twitter you might like:

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Thinking about a green belt or brown belt project around training or employee development?  Here’s the key.  You have to think about learning as a process and not an event or series of events.  If you map out from end to end how you actually learn something to a high level of proficiency, you will have the steps in a process.  Consider how you learn to make an effective presentation.  You might take a course or series of courses, but you also have a lot of practice, feedback and coaching required.  It takes more than one role play to master presentation skills.

Once you have a process, you can apply all the process improvement tools to do four important things from a quality perspective, 1 reduce time, 2 eliminate waste, 3 decrease variability and 4 cut costs.  Take just the area of variability.  If everyone learn how to do something in a slighty different way, you have a high degree of variability on the job.

There is a lot more to this, but this is the logical start.

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