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  • What impact will “organizational amnesia” have on your business in the coming years?
  • How much does it cost when valuable knowledge and skills gained through years of experience leave you company forever?
  • How will your customers and results be affected when everyone who is intimately familiar with critical internally-developed technologies and processes has left the organization and there’s little or no documentation to explain them?
  • What is your organization doing to retain and transfer essential expertise when the workers who possess it are no longer on your payroll?

If an aging workforce, downsizing, mergers or other business conditions have you thinking about questions like these, this one-day seminar is for you. It provides a proven, practical methodology to distill the expertise you want to retain and create a critical path for developing it far more quickly and reliably than through conventional training.

In this seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Create proficiency statements which define the desired expertise in observable and measurable terms
  • Establish leading indicators that show the desired expertise is being transferred or gained at an acceptable rate
  • Identify “quick hits” to accelerate the expertise replication process quickly and at little or no cost
  • Dramatically increase the consistency, reliability, and quality of your current process for transferring knowledge and skills
  • Structure on-the-job and informal aspects of developing the expertise to save time, reduce costs, and increase effectiveness
  • Identify and capture “hidden” best practices
  • Sustain your expertise transfer initiative so it becomes part of how your organization does business

Who Should Attend

This seminar is for senior executives, business unit heads, operations executives, HR and training staffs as well as anyone involved in workforce planning, mergers, outsourcing and quality improvement.


This seminar is presented on an in-house basis for groups of five to 50 participants.  The cost is $3,000 plus $195 per participant for materials.  Travel costs are additional and reimbursed at actual.

About Learning Paths

Using Learning Paths, GE and many other leading companies have applied proven quality and process improvement methods to the learning process for more than 400 different positions staffed by over 30,000 people in seven countries.  In every case, results included: 30% or greater reduction in time to proficiency, substantial cost savings, and improved return per FTE.

For more information on how to bring this seminar to your organization contact:

Ira Kasdan
Performance Builders, Inc.

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The reason for this post is to see if we can get a little discussion going about the best approaches for a economic slowdown.  For our discussion, let’s just assume the economy is slowing.  Whether it is or isn’t, is irrelevant for this discussion.  We can also stipulate that both government and business have a range of reactions that will vary from time to time. 

My experience is that there is not only a different reaction but also a different belief system.  Businesses first reaction is usually to tighten the belt and look for ways to be more productive.  Businesses also tend to streamline and focus more on their core business.  Some businesses will see this as an opportunity to grab marketshare or expand into new markets.

This  year we’ve seen the U.S. governments reaction is to borrow money and give it to tax payers so they will spend and stimulate the economy.  I haven’t yet seen a list of programs or agencies that they can cut back or cut all together. 

I think both government and business will try a lot of accounting tricks to move money around and make things look better. 

So this is just a very broad brush on the difference.  I hope what I’ve done is set the stage for a discussion.  As they say, there are no rules in a knife fight (Butch Cassidy).  I will however, edit anything out where one person calls another an idiot. 


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 There’s always talk about how to get a seat at the big table where decisions are made.  Training usually doesn’t get a seat unless a company has decided to have a Chief Learning Officer or the Senior HR person is also the training person. 

My experience is that the only way you get a seat at the table is if you have something to offer at a strategic level.  Here’s what I propose for your entry ticket.  First, you have to know what your current workforce currently knows.  This allows you to answer the question do we have people trained to accomodate a strategic change.

If you are going to need greater numbers of people, you need to be able to answer the question, how long does it take us to get new people up-to-speed?  Then you can answer the question about whether the timing of a new strategy is realistic.  If it takes six months to get people up to speed, you won’t be ready to go in two weeks no matter what the C.E.O. wants to do.

If you’re going to need completely new skills, you can also the answer the question how long does it take to retool the workforce.  With good historical data, you can show that this is often much longer than top management really thinks it is.

It’s always easy for a president to say, just get it done you have two week.  But that doesn’t get it done.  It just sets up failure for two weeks from now.  Good data will help you make a business case about what’s realistic.  Over time, they might even start coming to  you earlier in the process.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen executives take 9 to 12 months to make a decision and then want everything to happen in just weeks.  If they’d even made up their mind a month earlier, they might have all the time in the world for success.  I guess if you’re not the one doing the work you don’t appreciate how long things take.

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 Another week and another blog carnival on learning strategies

  1. Frederic Patenaude presents The 21 Day Challenge posted at Frederic Patenaude Talks.
  2. TT-Shane presents Check out TrainingTime.com! posted at HR Forum.
  3. Kenton Newby presents 10 Ways Article Writing Can Stack the Deck in Your Favor posted at KentonNewby.com.
  4. Eric Koshinsky presents Descriptive Photos in the CALL Lab – One idea, Many Language Lessons posted at Teachers Call.

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I see a lot of people liked the first Terry Tate Office Linebacker video.  In this next video, company policy dictates that Terry takes a vacation.

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