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I’ve been writing bits and pieces of things trying to come up with the right approach to a new book.  Here’s an interesting thought:

Imagine a different type of school.  Take away the boundaries and focus on getting results as quickly as possible.  Focus on how people actually achieve high levels of performance and not preserving or even improving the status quo.

Here’s the announcement on the first day of school:

“Welcome to your first day and the New School.  You are about to embark on a headlong journey to excellence.

As you’ve probably heard, we have only two courses out our school.  First, you’ll be taking communications.  You’ll start today and complete this course when you can effectively communicate with anyone about anything.

Second, you’ll be taking problem-solving.  You’re going to learn to solve problems big and small.  And of course, you’ll be asked to convince others that your solutions are correct.”

Our teaching method is simple.  We will be driving to our goal as fast as we can.  There won’t be any true and false tests, no multiple choice, no fill in the blanks.  We aren’t teaching test taking here.  We will be evaluating your performance by watching you work, listening to your presentations and reading what you write.

Good luck and let’s get going…thank you for your attention.”

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