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I think most of us would agree that practice is the main element in becoming truly proficient at anything.  Think about anything you’re really good at.  How much practice time have you spent?

However, practice alone often won’t get you there.  Here’s my evidence.  Have you ever gone to a driving range and watched people hit golf balls.  The majority of those people will never really get much better and only about 1% will really get it and be able to shoot in the 70s.

A certain amount of the formula is aptitude especially for something physical.  As they say in basketball, we can teach you a jump shot but we can’t teach you to be tall. 

What’s missing is the coaching and a practice routing that puts you on the right track and gives you the feedback you need.  A lot of people can’t actually feel what’s happening on their backswing.  They might think they have a long slow backswing when it’s actually short and fast.

So if you translate this to business tasks like selling or presentations what does this mean?  The path to proficiency is practice with coaching and feedback. 

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