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Some writers have a very strong writing style without a lot of purple prose.  One of these writers is Elmore Leonard.  He started out writing westerns and went on the mystery and crime novels.  One of his best known is Get Shorty which was turned into a movie with John Travolta.  He also wrote 3:10 to Yuma the Russell Crowe movie.

One of his best quotes about writing was the his secret was to leave out all the parts people skip.  Listening to his books we discovered one of the best readers Arliss Howard.  He narrates two books, the Hot Kid and the sequel Up in Honey’s Room.  It’s a story about Carlos Webster and his rise in the Oklahoma Marshal’s service.  It’s set in the 30s and 40s.  The narrator gets the accents and syntax just right to make these books really easy to listen to. 

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