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I remember the old days when people argued a lot about facts and figures.  Who did what in the world series of 57 or what’s the tallest building and so on.  What’s changed today is that it takes seconds to find this answers so we have to find other things to argue about. 

Take the issue of “are all the jobs going overseas?”  Well it’s easy to look up the answer and get the exact numbers.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which has a great website, reports that there are 140 million jobs in America.  Of that 90% are location fixed.  You can’t move them if you wanted to.  Jobs like airline pilots, dentists, school teachers, truck drivers, etc.  Of the remaining 10%, about 3% have been outsourced.  This has to be balanced against the increase in jobs here to provide products and services to things like outsourced call centers.  These new call centers buy a lot of things like Dell Computers, etc. 

So the discussion changes to something more important than just the numbers.

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