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Waste and Education

This is the best education video ever.  Look at it as a great way to drive the waste out of training.  If teach something that isn’t retained, it’s waste.  It’s a good case for trying something different.

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  Quality principles are usually applied to everything else in an organization than training.  That includes quality training.  It’s usually done the old fashion way.  So here’s one thought.  In a Kaizen event, one of the activities is to search out and eliminate waste or extra steps in a process.

What is the waste in training?  I’d start with everything that is taught that no one remembers the next day.  We know from most research that’s about 80% of lectures.  How about an example of extra steps?  Think of all the retraining or refresher training that happens because people are doing or following the first training.  Doing the training right and make sure you get the results you want before you stop can eliminate a lot of steps.

Does anyone else have an example?  Please leave a comment.

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