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Boosting Morale

This is part of a series of fun and entertaining videos about working in an office.  It started as a beer commerical but has expanded into its own smal industry.  Watch and enjoy Terry Tate Office Linebacker.

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 This is a great example of what happens when you judge a book by its cover.  This is from Britain’s Got Talent.  Youtube has more of this guy.  Give it a look.

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The Value of Success

I think too much emphasis is placed on learning from our mistakes instead of learning from our successes.  In fact, you can repeat your successes until you’ve succeeded.  When you succeed as something, there is an immediate ah,hah! which is oh that’s what it really takes.  In fact, that’s why you go to experts or high performers to see what and how you learn.

In golf, I’ve heard that expression that until you feel it you can’t do it.  Which is somewhat contrary to learning styles.  But it’s absolutely true that you can’t replicate a shot until you know what a good one should feel like.  In fact, the one thing that I’m always cautious about with learning styles is that a lot of things take specific practice and repetition to learn. 

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