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When teaching, it’s always interesting when you teach something that people know a lot about versus when it’s something relatively new.  Using some basic facts quickly reveals what you’re up against.

So if I asked the question, what has more ice the north or the south pole or which would create a largest sea level rise if it melt? 

Before I give you the answer, most people know a little more about the arctic and its polar bears because it’s closer and it gets more press.  The Antarctic is the fringe at the bottom of the globe.  Other than the recent penguin movies, it’s like another planet.  People might know more about Mars than the South Pole.  Besides we know where Santa lives.

Well the real answer is that if the Northern Ice melts sea levels rise just more than 25 feet.  If the Southern ice-melts sea levels rise 210 feet.  Why the difference?  Take a look at these basic facts.

  • Antarctica has almost 9% of the land area in the world

  • Antarctica is the 4th largest continent in the winter and the 5th largest in the summer

  • The Antarctic ice cap has 29 million cubic kilometers of ice. This is 90% of all the ice on the planet and between 60 and 70 % of all of the world’s fresh water.

  • Antarctica is considered a desert because it so cold the air can’t hold much moisture

  • The cold and dry conditions in the “Dry Valleys” region of Antarctica are so close to those on Mars that NASA did testing there for the Viking mission. It has not rained in the dry valleys for at least 2 million years.

  • At the thickest point, the ice is almost 2-1/2 miles deep

  • Antarctica has the lowest recorded temperature; -90°C at Vostock in 1983. Inland, temperatures range from -70°C in winter to -35°C in summer. Corresponding figures for coastal regions are -30°C and 0°C.

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 In order for new learning to happen, you often have to clear out and challenge beliefs and preconceived notion.  One very interesting way to do this is a pre-test.  I found this one which is really good.  The trick here is to forgot about the topic but rather see how the simple test challenges your beliefs and that you may know this already. 

Ready…  Here it is.   http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/GlobWarmTest

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I heard a speech by Dr. Mitch Kuzy last year.  He made a very interesting point about change.  He said that when you decide to make a change you go through a decision making process often takes a long time.  If that change requires other people to accept the change, you are faced with one major problem.  They haven’t gone through the process of deciding to change yet.  They may be weeks, months or even years behind your thinking process.

It’s really this statement, “I see the problem, we have to change know, and here’s the way we need to do it.”  The response, “what are you talking about, I haven’t even thought about this yet and you want me to change.”  Sound familiar.

One really big example of this point is when you hear political leaders talk about climate change with the statement, “the discussion is over, now is the time to act.”  The natural response is, “what discussion, did I miss it. ”  If you want to get others to go along, you really need to step back and open the discussion and let others participate.  This is even if you know the eventual outcome.  It’s part of helping others change.  I know it’s frustrating but without it nothing really changes.

I think this goes along with something I read in win/win negotiating.  If people don’t think they got a fair deal, they will find a way to renegotiate one way or another.  So if you push a change or idea on others, they will find a way around it.  It’s one way you get unintended consequences. 

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Science is good at a lot of things.  Predictions aren’t one of them.  It’s still hard to pick a winning horse at the track.  But this is just my observation so I did a little homework.  Here’s an interesting article about the quality of scientific predictions.  Try not to get caught up on what the prediction is about.  That’s not the point.  It’s about the ability to predict.  Also I’m not talking about the ability to predict what happens when you mix two chemicals.  I’m talking about predicting what will happen in a complex system like real life.

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I think this is a much more realistic show.  Why don’t we see things more like this.  Leadership in action.

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After reading lots of blogs and especially the comments, I think ranting is very poplular.  Sometimes it’s just an argument for the sake of arguing.  Here’s a interesting video that’s a lot like some of the blogs.  It’s also good for all the Monty Python fans out there.

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I know this blog is about learning so here’s the point.  This isn’t a post about global warming or polution but how believes about things get in the way of learning something new.  I just read an article that shows the research behind the claim that a Hummer is better for the environment that a Prius.  Most of the environmental damage of a Prius happens during the manufacturing especially in the manufacture of the battery.  Here’s the article; http://www.katu.com/news/7561002.html

So if we didn’t have three feet of snow on the ground and it wasn’t freezing I’d say a bicycle is still a good bet.

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