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Each year billions of dollars are wasted on employee recognition programs that do not work. In Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works  author Cindy Ventrice explains why and describes what employers and employees each expect from recognition, why most recognition efforts miss the mark, and what readers can do to give morale and productivity a genuine, lasting boost.

Make Their Day!  shows that effective recognition has more to do with integrating recognition into the daily routine of the workplace, and less to do with celebrating recognition as a separate “special event.” She outlines the key elements of effective recognition–praise, opportunity, respect, and thanks–and explains why good working relationships are at the core of all effective recognition. To read an excerpt…

This best-selling book provides a proven manager-driven approach to recognition. It is full of practical examples from successful companies around the country including: FedEx Freight, Microsoft, Immunex, Wells Fargo, Griffin Health, Xilinx, The Container Store, Graniterock, Athleta, Design Octaves, and Plante & Moran. See the list of featured companies.

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I’ve seen lots of videos that really make a point about learning, training and business.  I’ve tried to post many of my favorites.  What are your favorites?

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When I saw this video, my first reaction is that it was a wonderful example of how an instructor can set the stage for learnng by dealing with people’s believe systems and preconceived notions in a very positive.  The instructor also really knows how to use statistics and graphics. 

 The message of the lecture isn’t as interesting as the teaching style.  Try looking at it from that standpoint.

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I see a lot of people liked the first Terry Tate Office Linebacker video.  In this next video, company policy dictates that Terry takes a vacation.

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If you haven’t see this video, it’s really funny.  Language is a little blue.  It’s part of a series of videos.

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There have been a lot of studies about what employees value.  Almost to the point where they have created a mythology that doesn’t get challenged. 

Here’s the problem with the studies.  They look at actions or categories of ways to motivate employees such as praise, recognition, monetary and non-monetary.  However, they don’t really look at the degree to which each is used.  Here’s the example:

The studies say that money really isn’t a big motivator.  To that I’d ask the question, “how much money are we talking about?”  Are we talking about a $5 spiff or a $100,000 bonus.  I’d say the amount of money has a lot to do with it. 

The idea of recognition from the boss always ranks at the top.  But..how much recognition are we talking about?  Every no and then, or every 5 minutes. 

Without the calibration on the different motivation strategies they tend to have less value than they should.  If I gave you the choice that you’re boss would praise your work every day or you could get a check for $50,000 what would be more motivating for you?

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