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This is a great video.  Ignore the guy singing about 1/3 the way through it goes on to better stuff.  It presents the greatest picture every taken.  It’s what the hubble telescope sees when it looks into blank space. 

It shows the first real proof of what deep, deep, deep space looks like billions of light years away. 

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bls_emblem.gif  There’s all sorts of good and free information that is very useful for both training and human resource management.  I recommend a quick visit to www.bls.gov and you’ll be surprised what you can find.

I’ve used this information for helping travel agents select a targeted base for leisure travel.  The success in selling leisure travel is to target people who take a lot of trips and can take advantage of higher end packages and cruises.  So how many prospects are there and where are they located?  The Bureau of Labor Statistics has that information.  I like this as a source because it’s relatively unbiased and has a stake in presenting clean data. 

I’d be interested in any other sources that are comprehesive and clean.

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