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Storytelling and analogies are proven to improve retention and understanding.  So here’s one I like.  I had an interview with a world class luger.  Luge is the sport where you go down something like a bobsled run but on a your back and on a tiny sled.

Do you know how to learn to luge?  Well, you start a one or two turn at from the bottom on the hill and learn to do it from there without crashing before you move up.  At each level you go faster and it’s also a lot scarier.  So you work up to the top which is between 15 and 19 turns.  It takes about a 1000 practice runs and about 3 or 4 years to make it to the top.  Now if you link this story to learning other things like making presentations or selling, you have a powerful learning tool.  Note that I picked two things with a lot of fear attached.  People would rather go  to the dentist than make a presentation in front of a lot of people.  Start small, work your way up.  Overcome your fear as you go.  Make a 1000 presentations.

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