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Lecture is a preferred teaching method in schools and universities.  It’s the mainstay of academia.  For those who are still awake, they might get something out of it.  Here’s an interesting article about retention rates and learning styles.  It shows that lecture has about a 5% retention rate and reading is almost double at 10%.  Teaching others and immediate use is at 90%.  Beyond Bells and Whistles.

In a corporate setting, you seeing a big move away from lecture to other forms delivery.  One method that I find very effective is to have students read the material prior to class and then have them team teach it back to the others in the class.  Taking content and having to restate it in your own language is a powerful learning technique. 

Finally, I want to point out that when you do seminars you always see the same comment as number 1 on what people liked.  They say what was most important was the networking and discussion with other students.  It’s never I really like the 50 overhead presentations.

I’m interested in other research studies on this topic.  Let me know if you have any good ones.

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