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Webinars Any Ideas

I’m in the process of upgrading the LPI website.  One thought is to offer some free webinars on topics related to workforce development, talent management or knowledge management.  I’m really interested in any ones ideas on what topics they think would be best or any good ways to market those webinars.  In many next several posts, I’ll be describing some of the ideas that I have.

I’m also looking at expanding my LinkedIn account.  Anyone want an invitation from me.

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It’s very common for training needs assessments to try to identify what top performers do and then try to get others to model that behavior.  The problem with this approach is becoming a top performer may be the results of years of practice and experience rather than something that can be taught quickly.  In fact, top performers may have capabilities and attributes that other may never acquire.  

Take a look at elite athletes.  You can profile what they do but they are often rare individuals with unique talents.  Even with all the training and dedication to be in the top 50 in the world is almost a statistical anomaly.   So what I always recommend is that you get employees fully up-to-speed and operating independently before you tackle going to high performance.

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