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We use proficiency and time to proficiency as key measures of training.  This is different than looking at competencies or objectives.  Proficiency is a results meaure that looks at not only changes in behavior but actual output.  I like to look at three things when defining proficiency:

  1. Output/Quality – what is the level and quality of what’s produced.  This can be in terms of things like sales, margin, errors, saftey, etc.
  2. Independence – does the individual work without a lot of supervision.  This can often be seen in amount help needed or level of initiative.
  3. Confidence – does the individual act with confidence as seen by fluency and morale.

There’s a lot more to proficiency that I’ll put in future posts.

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We tend to look at proficiency and time to proficiency as major measures for training.  We look at proficiency as the results or output of doing something.  It’s not being able to or knowledgeable about but rather demonstrating a level of performance. 

Once you have that definition, you can then look at competencies that might lead to that level of proficiency or the learning objectives for a piece of training that will lead to that level of performance.  All too often people start out with a competency model which is skills, knowledge and attitudues or attributes and miss how these competencies connect and interact to lead to a level of performance. 

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