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I think it’s great to live in a world where you can see just about any newspaper, anywhere in the world 24-7.  You do get a very different view about what’s important to people.  Here’s one of my favorites the Scotsman, which is describes itself as Scotland’s National Newspaper.  You can signup for daily news alerts. 

 How about a little different look at the middle east, try the Jerusalem Post.   Maybe something from the other side of the world.  Try the Sydney Morning Herald.  Not satisfied yet.  How about the North Korean News.  How about breakfast with the Mmegi Reporter from Botswana. 

Well, why not pick your own.  Here’s a list of English speaking newspapers.

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Alexander Mcall Smith is a brilliant and proflific writer who has several great series that all are all better heard than read.  This series as about Scotland Street.  It’s about the residents of an apartment building in Edinburgh.  It first appeared as a serial in the Scotsman Newspaper.  Here are two books in the series.

scotland-1.jpg   scotland-2.jpg

The narrator sounds a lot like Sean Connery.  His reading adds a lot to the tone and structure of the book and you understand all the local language and terms much better.  He give character to the characters.  Again it’s worth five pizzas.


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